Gaming Testing for International English Language Programs

Welcome to the home for  the International English Language Testing Gaming System

We provide educational resources for testing of application data, testing of slot games and other mobile gaming applications for English as well as alpha and beta testing stages for actual game play.  Our core classes produce educational credits that transfer to associate degree, Masters and other Graduate level educational programs worldwide and are accepted in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia as well as others not listed.

Game Development and Testing Services

Our testing services are also contracted out to gaming corporations in need of strict testing of their games and gaming system.  As a trusted leader in game testing, our services are provided upon request to assist gaming developers in creating a bug-free coding environment and most importantly, happy end-users.  We over 72000 hours already dedicated to game testing, CEII continues to be the most recognized testing services in the world.


Gaming Testing for International English Language Programs

Recent studies have shown that in the next two decades, game developers and those with related fields to gaming, will see a 95% increase in those entering that line of work.  With an increase in the amount of developers, graphic designers and audio technicians, this is the first time in the history of the world that an Artistic movement has encompassed over 30% of the work force internationally.  In the next ten years, this percent is expected to increase by an additional 5%.  In twenty years, 35% of the international workforce will be employed by a company that produces a virtual reality game, console game, pc game or some form of digital or electronic gaming system.

Because of these staggering statistics, it becomes more apparent that a need for a formalized testing system for games, gaming and gamers is an absolute necessity; and a testing system that is internationally recognized, such as our testing system.  Because of this, we are now offering our testing in more than 28 countries and have plans to expand our reach by 70% in the next five years in non-physical and physical locations.